Matthew Dhieux, PA-C

Matthew Dhieu PAC

Matt graduated with his Bachelors from Pacific Lutheran University in 1999, and his PA-C in 2008 from Red Rocks Community College. In his working life, his heart has always led him to careers revolving around helping others, and being hands on in his community. Molding and teaching grade school children was his first love and career. Matt feels that his students taught him patience while leading him on to his current passion of medicine. With a gift for problem solving and compassion for others, medicine has become a natural fit. For over a decade he has worked with thousands of patients as a Physician’s Assistant in the fields of Internal Medicine and Neurology and now Family Practice. Not only does he have vast experience and knowledge in managing unique medical conditions, he is passionate about assisting his patients by closely monitoring their treatment plan. When he’s not meeting with patients, Matt enjoys skiing in the Rocky Mountains and playing recreational hockey.

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