Tabitha Marie Lane, MPAS, BSN

Tabitha Lane Tabitha Marie Lane, MPAS, BSN has been a physicians assistant for 12 years, and a nurse for 18 years. She has extensive experience in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. She earned her Masters at Pace University, and her PA certificate through the Red Rocks PA program.

Tabitha’s specialties are mental health, joint injections, skin biopsies, and kidney disease including dialysis and Hypertension. She is passionate about treating the body, mind & soul. Her goal is to help empower people to take control of their own health, and help them reach their goals of individual quality of life.

“Take control if your health, you have the ability to change it.”

Tabitha was in the Army National Guard MASH unit for seven years and has been Married for 30 years. She has raised 2 boys all while maintaining a lifelong commitment to medicine. Her hobbies include staying fit, binge watching Netflix & spending time with her hubby.

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