Scott Dorn PA-C

Certified Physicians Assistant

“My draw toward working with seniors is personal, and when I’m around older patients, I just feel at ease. I’m passionate about giving seniors the care they need, and being around them puts me in a comfort zone that’s full of joy and clarity.”

Raised by his grandparents, Scott Dorn became interested in senior care early in his life. Attending appointments with his family sparked his curiosity in their health and inspired him to pursue senior health care as an adult. “I always want to treat patients as well as I’d treat my own family. In this way, they become a part of my extended family,” he says.

Scott received his BA from the University of Rhode Island and also holds a Masters of Science in traditional Chinese medicine as well as a Masters of Medical Science. Scott has lived in the Denver area since 2006, and he worked a rotation in geriatrics with IPC before coming to work as a certified physician assistant for IPC/SCOC in 2015.

“I view my experience in Chinese medicine and acupuncture as complementary to my current work,” he says. “It helped me understand conditions that commonly affect seniors, including stress, fatigue, inflammation, and arthritis.”

When he’s not meeting with patients, Scott enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time with his wife, two children, and grandfather, who continues to inspire his medical practice.

Specialties: Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine,

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